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              EAT GOOD MEAT?
              Manor Black Pig Product Series
              ABOUT US
              GOLDKINN FOODS

              Urban high-quality food?
              service provider
              It integrates high-quality pig breeding, slaughtering, deep processing of meat products, fresh sales chain, logistics and distribution, and import and export trade. It operates the entire industry chain and focuses on providing customers or consumers with overall solutions.
              3 R&D Centers
              Exported to more?than?
              20 countries and regions
              Top 30 Satellite Factories
              The annual output value?
              is?nearly 10 billion
              Annual slaughtering capacity?
              ≥ 8 million heads
              10 major processing
              and production bases
              GOLDKINN FOODS
              Why choose

              WHO CHOOSE?
              GOLDKINN FOODS
              Come here and buy gold delicacy
              GOLD KINN
              We create
              everything good about meat